Book 1 done – next stop the moon…

Reading is not my thing, the last thing I read was Harry Potter, actually no that isn’t strictly true, I read occasionally to fill time, like many chaps, the last thing I read was this morning, on the loo and it was a chapter (a short chapter) of Jeremy Clarksons latest book so not exactly educational. So when it comes to reading for the sake of learning, I find it very difficult indeed. I don’t mean to find excuses or put off the task of ingesting the knowledge contained within I just seem to find myself doing anything but what I need to be doing, which is reading the book… and taking in what I am reading.

I am however pleased to say that I have finished reading Book 1 “Flying Training” of the Pooleys Air Pilots Manual… and really, it wasn’t that bad. I had to stop myself from skimming over and to actually concentrate on the content but, the books thus far are really very well written, filled with information and they cleverly re-affirm the message throughout the topic, firming up the message numerous times. Repetition is the key to remembering and Pooleys employ this technique very well. My only criticism is the continual use of acronyms, which I know is common place in flying but when learning, it would be REALLY useful to also repeat the actual phrase occasionally or have a list of acronyms in some kind of reference chart at the back – (I just double checked, there isnt). Perhaps as part of my revision I will create another blog, dedicated to each book and the acronyms contained therein – we’ll see.

Combine the well written information with the cleverly thought out diagrams and you really do have a great resource, especially as every tome (after the first) is complemented by an exam revision book too.

Next, Book 2 “Air Law & Meteorology” and the associated revision guide.

The sentiment “We do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard” From J. F. Kennedy’s September 12th 1962 mission to the moon support speech resonates with my mindset right now… this is going to be my moon landing.