BBC Television… WTF?

For the last 38 years, I have been without question a BBC supporter. When I came home from school, it was BBC Broom Cupboard or nothing for me, changing channel to ITV was just unthinkable… If I found out someone at school watched cITV after school then they were inferior. Aunty could do nothing wrong in my eyes, who needed a TV show spoiled by commercials. Give me The Lowdown and Blue Peter, Grange Hill and Simon And The Witch. Recently though, I have been losing the will to live with BBC TV choices. 

BBC TV Centre – some time in the 1960s

Let’s start with Doctor Who – I am, as it happens quite happy with a female doctor, actually, why didn’t they put Jodie in the role instead of Peter Capaldi (who was just awful). What the show is lacking, is quality writing. It has since Moffat left the scribbling team. The story lines are not complex enough, it’s just spoon fed drivel. The River Song story, intertwining a number of series was just inspired… the last 2 series to date have just been weak, plotless drivel. 

Now lets look at Top Gear – who ever thought that Chris Evans was a good choice? Chris Evans is NOT a good presenter. Well, no thats cruel, he is an EXCELLENT presenter, on a show taylored for him. TFI Friday, and The Big Breakfast were the only shows on which Evans excelled. 

Now, the BBC are touting Paddy McGuinness and Freddie Flintoff as the new hosts… neither of whom have, as far as I know, any knowledge of cars, or credentials as motoring officionardos… you may as well put Mary Berry in a motor and ask her to review it. 

What with Zoe Ball taking over Radio 2 Breakfast, Simon Mayo leaving, some fat bloke with the name of Sloth being booted off 1Xtra for spouting his mouth off (probably under the influence of the white fairy dust), selling off, then re-commissioning the most iconic building in television history, the organisation is falling apart at the seems. 

What they need is to employ someone as “The Voice Of Reason” it is this person’s job to have the final say on any corporation changes, any presenter replacements, any alterations that will affect the viewer or the listener. It works like this: 

The BBC have the idea that they’re going to replace a presenter of a flagship show with someone who they think will improve ratings – so they call up “The Voice Of Reason” to check that their thinking is correct. The voice of reason will remind them that, they are not supposed to be ratings driven and instead, the best choice for that presenter replacement would be someone capable of doing the job. The BBC decide that they want another Doctor, but who to choose? should it be a girl? maybe, but the voice of reason would suggest that they choose Adrian Lester, as a surprising curve ball but fantastic actor. The BBC decide that moving all of the major operation to Manchester would be a great idea “The Voice Of Reason” would suggest that they are mental as f**k and they should just tidy up the trusted and well loved TVC and get on with things without wasting so much money. 

Adrian Lester

I still love the BBC, I really do, but sometimes, it just feels as if it’s all gone to ruin, the institution I grew up with and trusted completely is being run by a bunch of plonkers who are desperate to get home from school and flick  over to ITV