Air Law and Grand Tour

I have been a little lax in my studies. Work, holidays, decorating and well, life seems to be getting in the way… I must do better.  I have just managed to read the first few pages of book 2 and complete the first couple of test questions in the exam practice guides which seems all very straight forward so far… what worries me is looking ahead to the mountains of work. 9 exams, another 6 books to read, practical tests… medicals, the list goes on It seems like an awful lot to get through and remember, I have not taken an exam in some, 21 years, it’s all quite daunting for someone who is not an academic at heart.

I have however been inspired by my recent travels though. During a recent driving trip I was lucky enough to encounter some truly stunning scenery and the idea of a new “Grand Tour” came to mind. While driving through Switzerland (literally through it, have you seen the number of tunnels they have?) I happened across lots of stunningly beautiful scenery and some equally stunning airfields, nestled within mountain ranges, along-side crystal clear lakes and hiding in glaciers. I have done the driving tour of Europe and it was wonderful, next, the airborne tour, collecting all of the ingredients for dinner along the way. Chocolate from Switzerland, Pasta from Tuscany, Wine from the Loire Valley and round it off with Whiskey from Scotland.

I panic, I think unnecessarily as small steps move you along the path… and if it gets tough stop, ask directions from those that know and invariably, you’ll find your way.